The Augmented Reality Celebrity Picture App


Take part in the Augmented Reality (AR) revolution and become an Augfie content partner or even get your own branded Augfie app for Android and iOS!

The App

In 2019 we will launch the general Augfie app with a collection of celebrities and currently we are looking for celebrity partners that would like to contribute content in return for a revenue share. If you own or manage a sports team, band or have a large social media following, we can also provide you your own branded Augfie app.


The Technology

  • Revolutionary Augmented Reality (AR) technology with high media presence.
  • Unique product – no competition with similar functionality (as of January 2019).
  • 100% compatible on AR-capable Android (e.g. Samsung S7–S9, Google Pixel & Pixel 2, Huawei P20 & P20 Pro etc.) and Apple (iPhone 6s and up) smartphones and tablets (e.g. iPad). Through our own inhouse technology compatible with most other Android devices with Android 5 and up.

For The User

  • Basic app has free AR templates included.
  • More AR templates (and packages) as free or paid downloads.
  • By using these AR templates, the user can now take pictures or gifs with their smartphone camera and create a composite picture.

For Social Media

  • Content can be shared on social media directly from the app.
  • High viral potential – content is destined to be shared.
  • Once uploaded to social media, celebrities can be tagged in the content and/or share the content themselves to promote the app.
  • Augfie app content perfect for social media campaigns and contests.
  • Promote your Augfie app content on social media to increase app revenue.

For Partners

White Label

Get your own customized, branded Augfie app. Easy adaption to different operator scenarios (e.g. sports single athlete or team, Instagram influencer, artist, band etc.).


This is one example for a branded Augfie app, more coming soon.

For Operators

  • Unrivaled customer retention through high user loyalty to their favorite celebrities/stars/teams.
  • High media attention through combination of state-of-the-art AR technology and media reach of the featured celebrities.
  • Easy content management and sales statistics via your own web backend access.
  • Easy content creation (2D greenscreen picture/video), plus existing content can be adapted (including 3D models).



  • Dedicated sponsoring – in-app banner and/or via content branding
  • Ad placements and monetization via ad networks (CPM/CPC etc).
  • User notifications via push messages and dedicated message feed.
  • Links to online shops/carts or direct implementation.

Template Sales

  • Sales of premium AR template packages – single purchase
  • Sales of premium AR template packages – weekly/monthly subscription
  • Create Social Media Contests
  • All options can be combined in one app.

AR by Apple/Google

  • Apple ARKit – iPhone 6s-8, X(s/r), iPad Pro, iPad since 2017 (approx. 850 million devices).
  • Google ARCore - e.g. Samsung Galaxy S7–S9, Google Pixel 2 (approx. 200 million devices).
  • Augfie in-house technology for most non-AR Android phones from Android 5 and up.
  • In total more than 2 billion devices as potential target audience.


  • According to around 2.7 billion smartphone users are predicted for 2019.
  • Approximately 80 % of those smartphones are AR-capable phones right now and this number will only increase in the future.
  • This means 8 million potential customers out of a fan/social media following of 10 million people.
Number of smartphone users worldwide from 2014 to 2020 (in billions)

Earning Potential

Potential yearly profit only through selling template packages – without extra ad revenues or other income
TOTAL NUMBER OF FANS / FOLLOWERS WITH SMARTPHONE 50 000 100 000 500 000 1 000 000 10 000 000
80% POTENTIAL AUGFIE USERS WITH AR CAPABLE SMARTPHONE 40 000 80 000 400 000 800 000 8 000 000
25% CONVERSION RATE OF AR SMARTPHONE USERS (20% OF TOTAL FANS/FOLLOWER) 10 000 20 000 100 000 200 000 2 000 000
NET YEARLY PROFIT AT AN AVERAGE OF €3 PER USER/YEAR* 30 000 € 60 000 € 300 000 € 600 000 € 6 000 000 €

Become a Partner

We are looking for content partners with a large audience - musicians, actors, athletes, sport teams, social media influencer - to either provide pictures/videos for our regular Augfie app or even get their own branded Augfie app. We take care of all the work and maintenance of the app, you receive your share of the revenue. Please get in touch to discuss in more detail!

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